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12-year-old Pelle accidentally gets bitten by an ant and develops unimaginable superpowers. With help from his friend, comic book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as the superhero Antboy. Slowly things start to happen in the surburban community, and when a scary and crazy supervillain, Flea, enters the scene, Antboy must step up to the challenge. The first Danish superhero-movie. Based on the books by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

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Movie details Antboy

Release : 2013-09-07

Genre : Comedy, Adventure, Family

Runtime : 76

Company : Nimbus Film Productions

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A low-budget, kid-friendly Danish superhero film has snuck into a few theaters, and it's pretty crazy. Like most professional film critics, I try to be a
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12-year-old Pelle is bitten by an ant and develops superpowers. Aided by comic book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as superhero Antboy.
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Antboy: The Bite of the Ant Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. A hero is born! Pelle is an unpopular, ordinary young teen, the favorite target of the school bullies.
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Interested in Antboy 2? Check out these films. Antboy. April 18, 2014. In the big screen movie Antboy, not to be confused witht the 2015 big screen release, , 12-year ...
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OM ANTBOY. Biografpremiere 11. februar 2016. Instruktør Ask Hasselbalch Medvirkende Paprika Steen, Nicolas Bro, Oscar Dietz, Samuel Ting Graf, Amalie Kruse Jensen ... | Antboy 3
The action-packed finale of the Antboy trilogy finds Pelle, a.k.a. Antboy — now in his teens and preparing to leave his crime-fighting alter ego behind — only to ...
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Har du opbrugt dine lån på Filmstriben? Lej filmen på Sofarækken, på pc eller mac. Lej filmen kr 30,00
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Antboy: Regie: Ask Hasselbalch: Producent: Eva Jakobsen: Productie-maatschappij: Nimbus Film Productions: Scenario: Anders Ølholm Nikolaj Arcel Torbjørn Rafn