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Storyline The Hidden

An alien is on the run in America. To get his kicks, it kills anything that gets in its way, and uses the body as a new hiding place. This alien has a goal in life; power. Hotly pursued by another alien (who's borrowed the body of a dead FBI agent), lots of innocent people die in the chase.

It's only human on the outside...

The Hidden

Movie details The Hidden

Release : 1987-10-30

Genre : Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Runtime : 96

Company : New Line Cinema, Heron Communications, Third Elm Street Venture, Mega Entertainment

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"Hidden Source is the kind of game that makes me leap screaming out of my chair like a high school girl."
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Directed by Jack Sholder. With Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri, Claudia Christian, Clarence Felder. An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on ...
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The Hidden is an American science fiction action film produced and released in 1987 by New Line Cinema. The film was written by Bob Hunt (pen name of writer/producer ...
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The Hidden, a Jack Sholder-directed 80's sci-fi fest, is about as entertaining as one would hope it to be. The film can be quite disgusting at times with the ...
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The Hidden is a multiplayer total conversion for the popular Half-Life 2 computer game. The gameplay revolves around the retrieval of an escaped research subject ... The Hidden: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri ... The Hidden: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri, Claudia Christian, Clarence Felder, Clu Gulager, Ed O'Ross, William Boyett, Richard Brooks, Larry Cedar ...
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An invisible psychopath with grenades, you say? Yeah sure, I'll go hunt him!
Hidden - definition of hidden by The Free Dictionary
hid·den (hĭd′n) v. A past participle of hide1. hidden (ˈhɪdən) vb a past participle of hide1 adj concealed or obscured: a hidden cave; a hidden meaning ...
The Hidden - Source
To play Hidden : Source you will need Half-Life 2 and Steam installed and working. While you're downloading the Installer, you might like to Register in the forums ... The Hidden (Hollow Trilogy) (9781416978985 ...
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Hidden | Define Hidden at
Hidden definition, concealed; obscure; covert: hidden meaning; hidden hostility. See more.
Hunt The Hidden
Discover football manager from Hunt The Hidden. ... The display is larger; the chip is quicker; the computer keyboard cover is better; the pencil is more precise; the ...